Zarela Utopia

We are living in a world where technological development speed is far beyond our imaginations. We cannot deny the fact that we are surrounded by multiple advanced devices and gadgets. We are adapted to live with technology and therefore, the best choice for us is to gain more benefit from this evolution. Many hallucinations of our ancestors now have become routine procedures in our daily life. We perform telesurgery, Artificial Intelligence is assisting in many disciplines nowadays and ambitiously we plan to live on other planets now.

With the help of research and development of human biomarkers, we could imagine performing tasks like managing some daily tasks with our mind, like turning the lights on or off, perform website authentication with our brain signals, play video games without using our hands. Moreover, examining our heart rate and brain signals in daily intervals to prevent and eradicate diseases like dementia and Parkinson’s will not be a dream anymore. We could expect our emotional and mental health in many situations (like work environment, resting time, etc.) and delay our mental fatigue and improve our performance by managing stress and pressure imposed by the work environment. Also, playing favorite music based on our current mood and impulsive favorite movie ending would be the simplest target.

Imagine if the world had a population 25 times larger than it is today. Now place that population in a space of larger than a tenth of a square meter. This new world is your brain and the brain cells are the population. The human brain is the most complex living system in the universe, and much of what we do results from communication and information exchange between these cells. Part of this information is electrical. Thus, the human brain produces a significant amount of electrical current that can be recorded as brain signals. Besides brain activity, heart activity, muscle activity, skin perspiration and temperature can also be categorized as human biomarkers and could be recorded. These contain valuable information, which we call bio-signals. In fact, bio-signals are the language of our brain and body; If we understand this language, the dream of Zarela utopia will come true.

All of the above imaginations could be considered as businesses with specific goals which require a platform to operate. That platform is Zarela. Zarela’s metaverse facilitates the above-mentioned missions with the help of a virtual world. Users are enabled to interact with a variety of hardware and devices like headsets, gadgets and Zarela’s Pod. Metaverse users could build their own virtual entities equipped with a diversity of tools in which they can provide services to other users and metaverses by applying Artificial Intelligence concepts on the bio-signals. They can actualize and implement their future biosignal-based services through the Zarela’s metaverse. The Pod is another conceptualized toolset that provides users with a compact spherical environment that encompasses multiple mini-tools related to record and process the bio-signals. The Pod plays a facilitator role to make Zarela’s dream come true.

Furthermore, it is vital for us to monitor people with special needs and difficulties, like any people with disabilities. These grateful people can touch their dreams by involving themselves into metaverse and exchange their bio-signals through this platform and observe how other researchers and developers are endeavoring to make the life for disabled people easier.

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