All Zarela users (including the Angles, the Hubs and the Mages as well as any other third party involved) agree and accept that using and benefiting of/from the Zarela website, application and services of this network requires a complete study of Zarela’s white paper and acceptance of all terms and conditions as stipulated in this Zarela’s present disclaimer.

Zarela is committed to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations of the relevant jurisdiction(s), to which Zarela is/will be subjected. However, no liability shall be on the burden of Zarela and its team members due to any unlawful act or omission (including, but not limited to, breach of any obligation, torts and criminal behaviors of the users of Zarela’s platform, including any sort of abuse of the smart contract by such parties or any other third party, upon which Zarela have not any control or surveillance.

Zarela is a platform based on blockchain technology, open-source and free. Users will never enter any business directly or indirectly with the team members and founders of Zarela’s network to use it and its protocol. They will not pay any fees to Zarela’s team.

The users are personally and exclusively liable for the legal, economic, administrative and financial consequences of registering and/or exchanging any inaccurate, unscientific, unethical or false data or any kind of inputs, which are contrary to the laws and regulations in force of any relevant jurisdiction(s).

All files and registered data sent to Zarela are solely under the user’s control and cannot be edited or deleted after registration. Each user is personally and exclusively responsible for sending and registering files and data. Users are notified that Zarela does not have any access to their files and registered data. Consequently, users acknowledge that Zarela is under no obligation, responsibility and/or liability, here under, for the security or retrieval of the said files and data.

The information contained in the requests (such as the ones mentioned in the Z-paper) and the responses and/or reactions from the, Hubs, Angels and the like reflect the personal opinions of their submitter. Since the Zarela and its team members have no control over requests from one hand and the responses, reactions and/or contributions from the other, and there is no possibility of imposing censorship by Zarela on this network or other similar structured networks, the information contained and/or exchanged in/between the requests and responses have nothing to do with Zarela.

Zarela merely provides a sound online blockchain-based platform, via a pre-designed smart contract, for users (including the Mages, the Hubs and the Angels) for the purpose of development of neuroscience sector, facilitating the relevant academic researches and treatment of patients suffering from related diseases and abnormalities. Consequently, Zarela, as a contributory platform, does not and cannot interfere with the above-said parties’ contractual and legal relationships. As the Angles willfully consent to submit the requested data and/or biosignals to the Mages and they acknowledge that the latter will be the sole and exclusive owner of the sent data (upon being remunerated by Biobits), no claims or objection will be acceptable afterwards by such parties.

The Mages are deemed to ensure the accuracy and correctness of their statements stipulated in the Z-paper and no responsibility and/or liability shall be on the Zarela in this regard. Zarela, hereby, declares that it cannot ensure that all requests made by Mages are genuine and free of any fraud and this is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the said party to act according to the laws and regulations of any relevant jurisdiction to which they are subjected. The analytical reports provided by Zarela or its team members on its website or communicated or published anywhere else shall not be considered as recommendation for the purchase, sale, or holding of Biobit tokens, which is the utility token of Zarela’s network. The same goes with any other types of crypto assets. The users are solely responsible for using this information and, hence, they are not exempted from studying and doing in-depth research concerning the relevant concepts and ecosystems. As the pre-desigend smart contract’s functions are immutable and decentralized, no interference from Zarela to change the process and its consecutive and irreversible stages is imaginable. Therefore, all users acknowledge that such functionalities or potential failures or delays (such as the time intervals for releasing the Biobits) are out of Zarela’s control and authority.

The Zarela team makes every effort to ensure that the information contained on the website and app is accurate. However, this information is for informing users only and shall not be considered as directive instructions. All users shall undergo sufficient research and studies to ensure the rightness and legality of their own actions and/or statements.

Zarela does not undertake any responsibility with respect to the legal and regulatory consequences of any infringement of Zarela’s intellectual property rights by the users and the third parties, directly or indirectly.

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