Data Privacy issues

Most times, people stop participating in research projects and decide not to help researchers. One of the main reasons is that they have concerns about their privacy in data. Angels might think that their anonymity is compromised if they participate.

Solution of Data Privacy

The underlying technology of Zarela’s ecosystem is Blockchain. One of the properties of the Blockchain network is that any participation will remain secured and anonymous, although Blockchain itself is unaware of the data exchange between peers because the data is encrypted using asymmetric public-key cryptography.

In public key cryptosystems (like Blockchain), each peer holds a pair of public and private keys. Private key is used for signing the messages and decrypting data while the public keys are used to validate signatures and data encryption. Furthermore, any action taken using the private key can be validated using the corresponding public key of any peer. Public-key encryption operates in such a way that every peer of the network has a copy of another’s peer public key, while the peer’s private key is only known to the peer itself. The data will be encrypted at the origin peer and by the target peer’s public key and could only be decrypted by the target peer’s private key and no one else.

Therefore, neither Ethereum nor Zarela, which has been built on the Ethereum blockchain, will know the transmitted data between two peers. In this way, secure Peer-to-Peer interaction between Angels and Mages would be possible.

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