Submit a new request

As described earlier in the “Definition” section above, every Mage is required to submit a proper Z-paper according to the baseline standard of the Z-paper available at Zarela’s app. Next step for Mage which is a pre-requisite for the request submission is to compensate the Ethereum transaction fee by having sufficient amount of Ethereum in her connected wallet. Additionally, Mage also required to reimburse the wage tokens to be distributed among the Angel/Hubs for their contribution.

Assuming that W = Wage, P = participant numbers, WAngel=W_{Angel} = The Angel’s Wage token per biosignal submission, WHub=W_{Hub} = The Hub’s wage token per biosignal file collection and TW=T_W = Total Biobit tokens (Wage) a Mage need to have in her wallet. Thus, The total number of Biobits to be supplied could be calculated by the below formula:

TW=(WHub+WAngel)PT_W = (W_{Hub} + W_{Angel} ) * P

In Simple word, TWT_W is the total amount of Biobit tokens (Wage) distributed by the Zarela's Smart Contract to the Hub/s and Angel/s after Mage approved the correctness of the transferred biosignal file/s.TWT_Wwill be subtracted from the Mage’s wallet Biobit balance and will be deposited to the Zarela's Smart Contract address while a new request is being submitted.

It is important to clarify that, if a Mage’s approval about the number of received biosignals is less than the number of specified biosignal files at the request submission time/date, the outstanding balance of deposited Biobits by Mage to the Zarela's Smart Contract is not refundable.

Moreover, if a submitted request in terms of number of biosignal contribution reaches to the maximum requested limit, it will be impossible for a new Angel to contribute and send biosignal file/s.

Zarela's Smart Contract exploits the power of asymmetric cryptography of the Ethereum blockchain. It means, any signal sent by Angel are encrypted by the Mage’s public key and will be accessible to that specific Mage only. The access to the Mage’s public key will be granted to the Zarela's Smart Contract and by the Metamask at the time of new request submission.

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