Details of Zarela’s solution

As mentioned earlier, Zarela’s smart contract has been developed on the Ethereum blockchain platform and it is open-source and available to public. In Zarela, users are not required to complete registration and authentication. Technically speaking, any user’s interconnection to the Zarela would be through the written smart contract. Therefore, users will be known by their address of wallet that is generated by the Ethereum network. This is a feature of the blockchain that details of the user’s communication with the Ethereum blockchain (including details of any exchanged bio-signal file) would be encrypted and remain unknown to the Zarela’s platform and to the Ethereum network itself. The only prerequisite for Zarela’s users is to have an Ethereum wallet such as Metamask and a sufficient amount of Ethereum for their transaction fees.

All financial transactions in Zarela are done automatically through Zarela’s smart contract. This implies that one side of any transaction in Zarela’s app is always Zarela’s smart contract address. Token transfers on Zarela’s platform are performed in the following two ways:

If a request is submitted by a Mage, Zarela’s smart contract address will be the destination of the financial transaction. Scenario will be as following:

  • Zarela’s smart contract address is the destination of a financial transaction. In this case when a request initiated, the total number of Wage tokens will be deposited into Zarela’s smart contract address.

  • When Zarela is the origin of a financial transaction, rewards and wages tokens are withdrawn from Zarela’s smart contract and deposited into the account of Angels and Hubs for their participations. This situation occurs on daily cases for reward and wage token distributions.

These operations are discussed in the next section.

Zarela’s smart contract has been written in solidity under the compiler version 0.7.6 commit.7338295f with MIT license. Source code of the smart contract is accessible on the Zarela’s GitHub page:

Zarela’s users are able to add the Zarela’s smart contract address below to one of the wallets supported by Ethereum and start using decentralized proof of contribution service. There are plenty of useful tutorials available to users on the Zarela website for this purpose.

Also, comprehensive guide available on the page for users to find and setup Zarela’s smart contract address with Ethereum supported wallets.

Zarela’s smart contract address: 0xf67192a8b9f269f23802d9ab94c7875a0abb7aea

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