Main Functions of Zarela's Smart Contract

Zarela’s Smart Contract is written in Solidity programming language and it follows the ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum blockchain. Zarela’s Smart Contract source code is accessible on the Zarela’s GitHub page and available under MIT license. Zarela’s Smart Contract has utilized with variety of functionalities and activities. Tree main activity of the Zarela’s Smart Contract is as following:

  • Providing the Mage with capability of request submission on Zarela’s app

  • Empowering the Angel/Hub with the ability to respond to the request/s

  • Establish a mechanism to enable Mages to receive request/s and confirm the request/s approval.

In addition, there are four major foundational functions (each of which performs a certain task) of the Zarela’s Smart Contract that has been demonstrated in the table below.

Table1. List of four major Zarela’s smart contract functions

Function NameFunction Description


Enables the Mage to create a request on the Zarela’s app and furthermore, facilitates the Wage token transfer to the Zarela’s Smart Contract by the Mage. Wage tokens will be distributed by Zarela’s Smart Contract to the contributors afterwards


Executes the process of biosignal file transfer from the Angel/Hub to the Mage as well as provides address wallet registration functionality to the Angels/Hubs on the Zarela’s app and append the addresses to the payment queue in order to receive distributable daily reward and Wage token from the Mage


This function confirms whether the biosignal file approved by Mage or not. If approved, wage tokens will be distributed to the Angels/Hubs addresses by Zarela’s Smart Contract


This function performs the actual calculation and distribution of the total daily rewards among contributors

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