Confirm contributor

This function of the ZSC is specifically executed by the Mage. The result of a submitted request that associated with at least one contributor will be a file that is placed on the inbox page of the Mage on Zarela’s app inbox page. Then, Mage could download the file and examine the correctness of it. Technically, the Mage decrypts the secret key with her private key (using Metamask). afterwards, Mage decrypts the file has been sent by Angel with a decrypted secret key and gets access to the contents of the file. It is noticeable that this process is only available on the desktop version of Zarela app and the Mage must use the Metamask wallet to decrypt the files. The list of Hub and Angel’s public keys and the hash of their submitted files are displayed separately on the inbox page of the Zarela’s app. After downloading and reviewing the files, the Mage can determine which contributions are eligible to receive the Wage tokens. Furthermore, The approved biosignal files that their contributors have received the Wage tokens are specified in the list and Mage can determine which of the biosignal files have been approved and which of them not.

Address balck-list

To mitigate the risk of users sending a file for a single request several times or intentionally (or unintentionally) disrupt the process of a request by sending a large number of irrelevant files, the Mage has the prerogative to block the sender’s address and/or prevent them from being displayed repeatedly. In this way, after entering the ”My Requests” page and selecting a request to view the submitted files, the Mage can select an address and hide all the files provided by her. This process will be recorded in the local storage of the user’s browser.

Contact list

Since all transactions in Zarela are done anonymously and to enhance the convenience of using the Zarela application, the Mage can choose a nickname for the address of a participant and save it locally. Hence, instead of displaying the address in lists and logs, she can see the nickname.

Batch confirmation

Confirmation of submitted files can be done individually or in batches. To do so, the “Confirm Contributor” function is triggered in the smart contract. The operation of this function is such that with the approval of Mage, the amount of Biobit specified as Wage tokens is sent to the selected addresses. Further details of this function are available in the GitHub codes.

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