Lack of motivation among the participant of research

For a project that requires some sort of data sets (bio-signal data sets, for instance) as the input, it is a cumbersome process to advertise, pursue and motivate human subjects to perform data collection. In many circumstances, freely available data sets are insufficient and the need to collect data from targeted subjects is undeniable. The participants might not care much about goals of the research project and it is time-consuming and expensive to motivate them for contribution.

Solution for lack of motivation among participants

A potential solution to this challenge would reimburse participants by digitized assets instead of vouchers or even money. The exchange will be performed through Zarela’s smart contract settled on the Ethereum blockchain. For this reason, Zarela’s token (BioBit) could be considered as a reward that can be considered as an investment for the future as well. By referring to the decentralized instinct of the Zarela’s platform, Mages are capable of data collection from all around the globe. To elaborate more, Angels from regions with slightly weaker economic could contribute and earn in exchange for contribution. This will help Mages accelerate the data collection as well.

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