The intangibility of the research goal for participants

In many research projects, participants do not have clear and concise information about the expected research objectives. This could be considered as a communication gap between researchers and potential participants. Particularly, research coordinators try to motivate participants by offering simple vouchers to the participants. Obviously, by providing structured research roadmap and expected outcomes to the participants, the chance of having more engagement from them will be increased.

Solution for intangibility of research goal for participants

In Zarela’s ecosystem, there are three distinct players with specific roles. They are Angels, Mages and Hubs. At Zarela, a Mage must provide a structured explanation about the underlying research project in order to be able to communicate with Angels through the Hubs. Z-paper is a simple but comprehensive document that should be submitted to Zarela’s platform by Mage. Thus, if a research project does not convey an obvious goal in its Z-paper, it is less likely to be able to collect data sets. So, a well described Z-paper would explicitly define participants’ roles in the research project as well as making sure the research project follows solid goals.

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