Zarela Bioverse and Native application
Very first question might have been asked by people when the term Bioverse is discussed is: What is Bioverse?
Literally, the term Bioverse is not new. Initially, it has been defined by author Neal Stephenson in his novel ”Snow Crash” in 1992. Inevitably, as technology grows rapidly we spend majority of our times on online platform and applications. Therefore, we start to think about what would be the next — and how would the future revolutionize both the digital and the physical world.
It is worthy to mention a quote from Matthew Ball about the future of our life: “The future of the internet: A massively-scaled, persistent, interactive, and interoperable real-time platform comprised of interconnected virtual worlds where people can socialize, work, transact, play, and create.”
The Bioverse is the distant evolution of Web3. It is the most complete form and will be a series of decentralized, interconnected virtual worlds with a fully functioning economy where people can perform just about anything they can do in the physical world.
What is the Zarela Bioverse?
Zarela’s Bioverse is developed based on innovative approach which has been introduced earlier in above sections. It is Proof of Contribution. Zarela’s Bioverse provides the users with several functionalities like user interaction, financial (cryptocurrency) transaction based on blockchain, user communication, and user’s contribution. The goal is to create any kind of valued characters or entity that is interconnected with the other characters by the mean of biometric characteristics like biosignals. It is affiliated with the definition and aims of the Zarela’s Utopia, which introduces a platform that works entirely with biosignals. This platform composed of several components like: Zarela’s smart contract (ZSC), Zarela’s web application, Zarela’s Bioverse and finally Zarela’s pod. Therefore, Zarela’s Bioverse would be a key piece of puzzle for the entire Zarela’s platform.
Zarela’s Bioverse is utilized with the WebGL technology. It has been implemented to run within the internet browser. We are aiming to release Microsoft Windows and Mac applications of our Bioverse in very close future. Unlike others, we are proudly announce that our Bioverse is designed based on an overambitious idea. Zarela’s Bioverse effectively simulates the future of the human’s life on Mars planet.Zarela’s Bioverse environment is a synthetic reproduction of the well-known volcano (Olympus Mons) on the mars.
Currently, it consists of 6 Dome’s (6 verses) interconnected via hyperloop. The first and the most extensive verse is Verse 1, entitled Zarela Verse. Zarela Verse benefits from various W.I.P features such as Hubs building, Hackathon Platform, Request Submission, Contribution multi-story explorable, and extensible platform. Several features offered to the users including user registration for hackathons as well as contribution to the requests (as an Angel – same scenario as our web app). Moreover, users can interact with each other and with their surroundings objects. So far, the beating heart of each character is a T.P.S. Character Locomotion Engine that allows users to explore the verse and control their avatar.
Our Bioverse has been carefully designed with according to the security concerns of the platform. Being considerate about security criteria and following the decentralization mindset to its possible extent, No user data is stored on our servers. The server is just an instantiation pool that loads the platform into users’ browsers. All of the contribution and request submission data are securely stored and fetched from IPFS gateways. The followings are some interrelated functionalities of the Bioverse and Zarela's Smart Contract:
Scenes features are:
  • Wallet connection scene
  • Main Menu – to assign an alias for the user- scene
  • World Scene – the main scenario is placed here.
Zarela Bioverse functions:
  • Secure login with Metamask wallet
  • Networking and multiplayer
  • In-app general simple messaging
  • Character controller
  • Camera controller
  • Teleportation/transportation cut-scenes
  • Basic U.I. elements
  • Animation player
Smart Contract Methods:
  • User account info fetching from Metamask
  • Token balance
  • Token symbol
  • Token name
  • Request submission
  • Contribute
  • Confirm contribution
  • Request listing
  • Fetching data from IPFS
  • Writing Data to IPFS
  • Category listing
  • Token transfer
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